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Winslow Homer in the 1870's - Separating Myth from Reality




 More than forty works painted by Winslow Homer in the Hudson River Valley complete with maps, vintage photos and identities of precise locations. Full interpretations and descriptive narratives, all verifiable with undisputed evidence and background details. Includes many rare never before seen vintage photographs.


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 "Effective exhibitions tell stories: they are narratives, not just a group of objects with a list of facts. It should provide new or fresh information—not repeat previous presentations; it should also invite participation, question, inspire or provoke."

An Interpretive Approach

Often, when visiting a museum or reading a critique of a temporary or changing exhibition, there seems to me to be one question that is rarely asked: “is this exhibition necessary?”  The concept of planning and organizing an exhibition that gives meaning or significance to works of art is rare and unusual.


There is nothing like working with an artist or knowledgeable collector who has created a vision for his work. The passion to produce something from one’s own rule of principle over time is very important to me.  It is my goal to bring that perspective and understanding to the public through the exhibitions and programs organized by Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions.


Reilly Rhodes

Director and Curator

Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions