“Few museum directors have captured the essence of my work as Reilly has with this exhibition.  It has truly been a rewarding thing to pull out so many works from my studio that I haven’t seen in many years; some I haven’t looked at since I painted them twenty or twenty-five years ago.  Not only does he appreciate the work, he also has brought together a comprehensive balance of drawings, watercolors, oils and temperas as well as some of my early bronze pieces as witnessed through this all-inclusive exposition.”


—Thomas Hart Benton

One Hundred Works by Thomas Hart Benton

The Albrecht Gallery, St. Joseph, Mo.

“. . . He certainly knew how to make history come alive. . .” 

[Referencing Rhodes’ years as director of the Seattle Museum of History

and Industry]


—Seattle Weekly

“You are one of the very few directors that I have met who is imbued with a deep conviction for a lasting value in the heritage of our American art.”


—William Gropper

American social realist painter and lithographer

“Reilly has refocused the (Bowers) Museum from a community cultural resource to a much broader encyclopedic institution that brings to Southern California a new base of mature exhibit offerings from antiquity to the modern era.”


—Jiri Frel

Curator of Greek and Roman antiquities

J. Paul Getty Museum

“He brings with him refreshing ideas, a good sense of organization and a bounty of energy.  What I give greatest importance to is his strong centering on Midwestern values.”


—Michael Wayne

President, Batjac Productions, Beverly Hills, CA